Laurance Tan Laurance Tan

From the Past

Past Work

Laurance is an artist whose diverse career started at the age of six...

Tien Lung Ba Bu 天龙八部

Laurance staged, choreographed, and sang this song from a longer musical he put together based on a Chinese kung-fu legend.

Past Work

Wu Nai 無奈

Laurance sang, choreographed, and danced this song. The title of the song is "Wu Nai" (無奈), short for "Wu Ke Nai He" [無可奈何]. It is hard to translate into English but one may think of it as: "Something sad that cannot be helped due to lack of means or solution, typically brought about by forces that are out of human control, such as the passage of time and vicissitudes of the world."

Ice Mountain 將冰山劈開

Laurance was also the lead singer in a boy band that he created for TV. They were the first ever boy-band in Singapore. He was requested by the producer to stage two versions of the same song with two different set of choreography.

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