Laurance Tan Laurance Tan


Laurance has a cosmopolitan flair with an eye for art and design including floral arrangements.

Fashion Gallery Fashion Gallery "He has always had a gift for clothing and costume design: he took up the art of sewing, and has brought to life many original creations.

Food Gallery Food Gallery "His culinary skills are extensive, and might best be described as “Pan-Asian”. At home in Toronto he is especially known for his authentic Peranakan (Straits-born Chinese/Nyonya) preparations. He hosts gourmet Peranakan in-house dinner parties (Tok Panjang) for friends, and by custom request at his up-scale penthouse in the heart of Toronto."

A Heart, A Home!

"A Heart, A Home!" from his CD "Sounds of the Tyger". Photo video of Laurance's floral designs. An original musical composition by Laurance Tan, inspired by love, loss and illness."

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