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CD 3: Soul of My Heart

Soul of My Heart - CD Cover

Laurance Tan's new CD "Soul Of My Heart" shows his vision of World Music. Eastern and western instruments were used in the production of the music. Laurance sings in 4 different languages and often uses two in a song. The songs in this CD range from traditional Asian melodies, to Rodgers and Hammersten, to Andrew Lloyd Webber, to Nino Rota (The Godfather), to Benoit Jutras (Cirque Du Soleil), and to his own compositions.

"The songs I sing or write, come from within the Soul Of My Heart. Specific to my culture and my understanding of myself as a human being in this world. My songs and my singing represent my experiences, worldly travels, my emotional journey and my quest for life." - Laurance Tan

List of Songs:

  1. Dayung Sampan/Paddle The Boat — Osman Ahmad, Laurance Tan
  2. You Are Beautiful — Rodgers, Hammerstein
  3. A Heart A Home — Laurance Tan
  4. The Only Night 初夜 — Chang Ping Fu, Chen Chang Hua
  5. An Island — Eaton Magoon Jr
  6. My Love For You… — Laurance Tan
  7. Historia De Un Amor/我的心裡只有你沒有他 — Carlos Almaran, Chen Die Yi
  8. Parla Piu Piano/Speak Softly Love — Nino Rota
  9. Lillie — Laurance Tan
  10. Let Me Fall — Benoit Jutras, Jim Corcoran
  11. Butterflies’ Dream 梁祝 — Chen Gang, Laurance Tan
  12. Take Me Home — Obispo, Chay Yew
  13. Yang Warrior Women — Laurance Tan
  14. Music Of The Night — Andrew Lloyd Webber, Charles Hart

To view music videos of An Island, A Heart A Heart, Blood Brothers - Parla Piu Piano, and My Love For you, click here.

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